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Welcome to the website of Al Matrooshi Advocates & Legal Consultants.

Our firm is a legal entity licensed by the Legal Affairs department of Dubai. We aspire to provide our clients with the best solutions towards their legal issues.

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CEO Measege

Advocate Abdul Aziz Al Matrooshi
Mr Abdul Aziz Al Adhab Al Matrooshi is the Chairman and the founder of Al Matrooshi Advocates and Legal Consultants, Is a native of the UAE.
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Mission Statement

Aim: our aim is to provide legal solutions to all issues raised by our clients with the end view of protecting their interest and to promote the rule of law.

Established in 2009, the firm was previously known as Al Matrooshi & Al Tenaiji Advocates & Legal Consultants and is now known as Al Matrooshi Advocates & Legal Consultants with its office in the emirate of Dubai. Our lawyers have the right of audience throughout the UAE.

Our firm is a legal entity licensed by the Legal Affairs department of Dubai

We are a multi-lingual firm offering services in Arabic, English, Hindi and Urdu. Our client base includes locals as well as expatriates.

We believe lawyers exist to serve their clients. We also believe that every task we undertake on your behalf is unique.

We expect to be judged on results, on the added value we provide, the quality of our service, and our cost-effectiveness.

Focusing on high-end national and international clients; we have been involved in several major projects in the United Arab Emirates and in the Middle East .the firm is deeply rooted in the understanding of the business cultures in the region and is a pioneer in the commercial and corporate law practice.

Integrating our litigation & Consultancy distinguished experience with the most recent technology and Quality Control/Quality Assurance procedures makes our LAW FIRM one of the most reliable law firms with expertise in complex cases of all types.

Al Matrooshi Legal Firm distinguishes itself through its work ethic and professionalism. Our approach begins with identifying needs and objectives, followed by an analysis phase and strategy. At the end of the cycle, quality control is initiated to confirm the validity of the work with the initial plan. The client is involved in each stage of the process, and nothing is vague or ambiguous.

Our Services and Activities

Civil Cases, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Family Law, Intellectual Property, Criminal Lawyers in Dubai, real estate development drafting of contracts, arbitration and litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Legal Documentation, Setting up business in the UAE, etc. Immigration. Personal Injury / Clinical Negligence. Employment Law.

Employment Law

We provide variety of legal services including; ...

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Family Law

We provide advice and representation in the following...

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Criminal Law

We handle Criminal Cases on a case-by-case basis for...

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We instructed counsel and represented clients in all the...

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Our Team of Lawyers

Advocate Abdul Aziz Al Matrooshi

Qualification /Education:
Bachelor of sharia and law from the faculty of sharia and law in United Arab Emirates University 2001-2002.

Admission Details
Specializes in Litigation matters in all aspects within UAE in disputes related to general law Specialized in Criminal Law, Marine & Rent Dispute

Position held.
» Head of the criminal Department
» He has been the Head of the Branch

Employment history and Relevant Experience
Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Adhab Al Matrooshi is the Chairman and the founder of Al Matrooshi Advocates and Legal Consultants, he is a native of the UAE. Mr. Abdul Aziz obtains his extensive experience through working in a reputed law firm in the UAE before establishing his own law firm. He combines legal expertise and local and regional knowledge with an understanding of client ´ s needs. Also he provides legal assistances and counsel to a number of public and private entities, individual business men, and international corporate clients including several multinational companies from Europe, Asia and gulf Countries.

Mr. Abdul Aziz is experienced in which provides an extensive knowledge on a large range of practiced areas of law in the UAE. He is fluent in Arabic, English & Urdu. Mr. Abdul Aziz has extensive experience and knowledge of the local and Federal court procedures and government departments in the UAE. He is practiced in the law of crimes; the practice based on the criminal is an active portfolio of him.

He has a unique reputation in the criminal and penal area of practice by providing the clients efficient and swift professional legal assistance due to his long experience in this field and provides advice and court representation on all criminal issues including general prosecutions and appeals, filing lawsuits and pressing charges, and the negotiation of settlements. He has the rights of audience before all the UAE federal courts of first instance, appeal and Supreme Court as well as the Dubai courts of first instance,appeal and cassation.

Our Team

Our team consists of attorneys and associates with varying backgrounds and education. Our team has expertise in the areas of criminal law and rental dispute resolution. Our team is comprised of multi-lingual individuals who speak English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu.

How to Reach Us

Al Matrooshi Advocates & Legal Consultants.
Building name: Al Harthy Building
Office No: 401, 4th floor,P.O. Box : 34143 Dubai
Tel : +971-4-3930039,Fax : 971-4-3930049
Email : info@advocatesuae.com
Website : www.advocatesuae.com
Makani no. 27322 94589

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